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Andrea vertelt haar mening over het voorstel om de Olympische Spelen in China te boycotten als protest tegen de Chinese politiek.


The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games will only start in August, but it has been the only thing on the news lately. Athletes have been protesting against the violation of human rights in China, which according to the Chinese government is unacceptable. As guests, the athletes should keep to the Olympic rules and should not get involved in the Chinese politics.

I completely agree with those who criticize China on the way they deal with human rights. But who decided to have the Olympic Games taking place in China? I cannot remember there being a discussion on whether or not China should be the country to get the Olympics. The athletes opinions probably do not matter that much, but they should have protested beforehand against the bad circumstances in the country they possibly were going to play in.

On the one hand I agree with those who boycott the Olympics, but on the other hand I don't understand how if they are so against it being in China, they let it come this far. I did follow this matter on the news and from what I understood the Olympics were given to China, to give China an opportunity to grow and improve.
Why don't we give China a chance then? Obviously, we cannot cancel the Olympics now, so why not try to make it work. We gave China this opportunity with a few conditions. If afterwards nothing has improved, we have proof that things have to change in that country and that they are not capable to do that themselves.

Nevertheless, it is not wrong to give the Chinese government a hard time during these couple of months. If even the citizens are using the Olympics to bring up the violation of human rights in their own country, it means that they seriously are asking for help from other countries. We should definately respond to this by taking action after the games are, but not by boycotting them now!

woordenschat en zinsbouw Goede woordkeus. Hier en daar op C1-niveau. Voldoende taal om duidelijke beschrijvingen te geven en een mening te verkondigen over een algemeen onderwerp. B2
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