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How many ways do I love thee?
Every year in the beginning of February, every shop has cute red stuff in their showroom. But what want people in love to buy? I have done a searching about people's wishes for Valentine's Day. I asked many people what they want to buy for their valentine.
I got the following answers.
38% of the people, which I asked about their purchases, have bought candy. That holds red sweet hearts, red lollypops and little pink hearts.
44% chose a Date Night what means a night in a beautiful romantic hotel.
32% buys flowers for their lover. Red flowers, red roses or white roses.
29% gives there valentine gift cards, for example a gift card for a book or a card for a day in a health enter.
They chose the worth of the card what they want to give.
65% of the people send a post card. They will tell in this way their love for the receiver.
A little percent, 11 %, buys jewellery for their love. In the most cases those jewellery are very expensive.
17 % are very creative and buys other things than I have shown on the graph.
12 % spend a lot of money on expensive perfumes and colognes.
17 % gives their love cute plush.
That is the information that my graph shows.
The horizontal axe shows the households participation rates and the staves show how much the people that I have asked have bought.

woordenschat en zinsbouw Maakt gebruik van zeer eenvoudige woorden om toch vrij bekende begrippen te omschrijven (bijvoorbeeld searching in plaats van research). A2
grammatica Zeer simpele zinsconstructies, het lukt nog niet goed om veel voorkomende constructies (bijvoorbeeld elementaire woordvolgorde) toe te passen. A2
spelling en gebruik
van leestekens
De spelling bevat weinig fouten; de interpunctie die in de opsomming gebruikt wordt is ongebruikelijk. Er is (nog) geen indeling in logische paragrafen. B1
tekstopbouw In deze tekst zijn haast geen samengestelde zinnen gebruikt. A2